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SpillHQ: The Benefits of Microbe-Enhanced Activated Peat

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

When a spill happens, nature provides the very best solution: activated peat. Here at SpillHQ, we’re passionate about promoting the many benefits of this 100% natural product, and our latest blog is no exception. In our latest piece, we look at the advantages of our range of microbe-enhanced activated peat products. Check it out!

What’s not to love about Activated Peat, especially where problematic spills are concerned? Sourced from the ancient bogs of rural Canada, activated peat is a natural absorbent that offers a level of versatility that is far superior to any of the traditional absorbents on the market. Capable of absorbing virtually any kind of liquid from any type of land surface and highly effective in removing hydrocarbons from surface water, this amazing product is packaged for convenience in a variety of bags, containers, pads, socks and spill kits which simplify your preparedness in the event of a spill incident.

Simple, safe and ready to be used immediately, Activated Peat can be used across all stages of your spill response:

1. The initial response to a spill.

2. The absorption and clean up of spilled liquids.

3. The removal and disposal of the contamination.

4. And the remediation of the contamination with or without hydrocarbon digesting microbes.

From its high performance nature to its impressive vapour suppression, liquid absorption and easy-cleanup, there’s lots of reasons to keep activated peat nearby. So - how can a product as effective as Activated Peat be any better? The answer is simple: add some microbes!

Explained: The Advantages of Microbe Enhanced Activated Peat

There’s activated peat - then there’s microbe-enhanced activated peat. We’ve picked out three key benefits of microbe-enhanced activated peat - keep reading to learn more…

Benefit #1: Enhance the hydrocarbon remediation process

A key benefit of microbe-enhanced activated peat is that it contains cultured bacterial strains that are long-known to effectively digest hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons are concentrated in a unique formula before being added to the Activated Peat during the production process.

By opting to microbe-enhanced activated peat, companies can enhance the remediation process thanks to the addition of huge amounts of specific bacterial-enzymes. They can also provide an optimal remediation environment by allowing heat, air and water to reach the microbes, ensuring rapid bacterial growth and reproduction.

Benefit #2: Absorb spilled chemicals more effectively

Unlike its non-enhanced counterpart, microbe-enhanced activated pest adds a microbe formulation that contains several different types of microorganisms that can effectively degrade aliphatic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons chemicals. In layman’s terms, these microbes help to degrade chemicals quickly & more effectively, all without any odour or noxious gas.

Additionally, microbe-enhanced activated contains an amazing species of microflora that survives on hydrocarbon waste substances, effectively utilizing and displacing them as a source of carbon. These safe, nonpathogenic microbes are as effective as they come!

Benefit #3: Reduced waste levels

Microbe-enhanced activated peat is produced to highly-specific standards that allow for the highest levels of absorption, all while generating the least amount of waste.

When it comes to the waste that microbe-enhanced activated peat does produce, cleaning it up to a high standard is as simple as it gets. Just grab a broom and dustpan and enjoy the convenience!

Microbe-Enhanced Activated Peat: Order Yours at SpillHQ

SpillHQ is proud to serve businesses and organizations as the market’s leading SPCC resource supplier. To browse our full range of activated peat products, click here. Alternatively, to find out more about microbe-enhanced activated peat or to find a solution to meet your unique requirements, contact us.

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