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Berms & Pools

Spill Containment

Spill containment berms and pools are impermeable mats with sidewalls, and impermeable barriers, that are placed on the ground to contain a spill or catch leaks. They are easy to use, and can contain spills while the liquid is recovered or absorbed, as well as prevent the spill from harming the surrounding environment. Spill containment berms and pools are typically used to contain leaks and spills from machinery, equipment, vehicles and containers. The walls can be rigid, collapsible, or self-rising, depending on the type of berm or pool.


SpillHQ has a variety of sizes and shapes of berms and pools available for your spill containment needs, including the option to make your own permanent spill containment area with our individual berm wall sections.


Reach out to the SpillHQ team today to find out which type of berm or pool is best for your spill containment needs!

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