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Super Fast Solidifier

Specialty Products

Super Fast Solidifier (SFS) is a proprietary blend of solidifying polymers used to quickly solidify spills for easy cleanup. This loose, dry absorbent will turn any liquid into a solid in seconds, and will suspend pollutants so that they are no longer permeable. Once absorbed, the liquid will not leach, and can be disposed of as a solid. SFS is the ideal spill cleanup solution for hazardous waste producers, waste treatment facilities, remediation teams and landfill sites!


SpillHQ has SFS available in a wide range of sizes to suit your spill cleanup needs, from 16 oz bottles up to 2205 lb super sacks!


SFS is safe for the environment and is accepted at most landfills, meeting TCLP (Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure) standards. Using SFS enables companies dealing with hazardous waste to improve results, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Reach out to the SpillHQ team today to determine what quantity of Super Fast Solidifier is best for your spill cleanup needs!

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