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Quick Seal

Specialty Products

Quick Seal works exactly as it sounds – it quickly seals off any punctures, cracks or holes, stopping leaks immediately! The temporary patch allows time for the safe containment and recovery of the liquid, without the risk of the liquid harming the surrounding environment. No surface preparation is required – Quick Seals sticks to most any surface, including dirty or crumbling surfaces, even while the liquid is flowing.


SpillHQ has two types of Quick Seal available. Quick Seal Granular is a dry, loose absorbent that is pressed onto the surface where the leak is, becoming a putty when mixed with liquid and effectively stopping the leak. Quick Seal Putty is a sealing putty that contains antifreeze, and works exactly like the granular option, except that it is pre-mixed and ready to use in cold weather applications!


Quick Seal is safe for the environment and is accepted at most landfills, meeting TCLP (Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure) standards.


Reach out to the SpillHQ team today to determine which Quick Seal solution is best for your leak-plugging needs!

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